The Postal Service has decided to change it’s position on the Union FMLA forms.  There is a national level grievance in the works due to that change.  The APWU has decided to recommend that employees with FMLA conditions use the DOL forms until the grievance goes through.  If you have had your FMLA denied due to using the Union FMLA forms, contact your steward and file a grievance.  That grievance will be held at Step 2 pending a decision of the National level grievance.  For more information click Here.


Department of Labor FMLA documents:

FMLA for employees: WH-380E   (136 KB)

FMLA for an employee’s family member: WH-380F   (118 KB)


FMLA related paperwork:

Employee Certification of Own Serious Illness   (191 KB)

Certification by Employee’s Health Care Provider for Employee’s Serious Illness   (250 KB)

Health Care Provider Certification of Employee’s Family Member Illness   (178 KB)

Notice of Need for Intermittent Leave or for a Reduced Work Schedule   (67 KB)

CDesired or Needed Absence for Birth or placement of Son or Daughter   (47 KB)

USPS Verification of Veteran’s Treatment (47 KB)

Management Request for Clarification of Medical Certification   (47 KB)