May 20, 2018 Meeting

Thanks for those who attended the Meeting. It was a great Meeting after we got through some technical difficulties.  We should be ready for the next meeting.

Thanks to Robert Helnig, our new State President, for joining us and letting us know about his vision of the State APWU.

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APW-ABA Memorial Scholarship

APWU Members are invited to apply for the APW-ABA Memorial Scholarship, which honors Michael A. Tosches, Thomas Hartos, and Eugene Johnson.  For more information and to apply for the scholarship, please download the attached info and form here.

1). The  scholarship announcement, application and guidelines will be mailed each year to all Local  and State  Presidents  and ABA Board  of Directors, no later than  March of  each year.  The announcement and application will also be printed in the ABA Quarterly News Digest as well as posted on the official ABA website.   The deadline for returning the scholarship application will be set forth by the ABA.

2). All entrants must submit a  completed application  which will be verified  by their  local or state president or   by the  ABA  home office.  Properly  completed  applications  will  be  entered  into a drawing  for a  one  thousand dollar  ($1,000)  scholarship.  Entrants   must  be a  graduating   high school senior who is the  son, daughter or legal ward of a member of the ABA.

3). The scholarship  award  is limited to a one time amount of one thousand dollars, ($1,000). Two scholarships will be awarded per calendar year.

4). The  scholarship  drawings will be  held at the  ABA home office no later than June of each year.  These drawings will be strict  “luck of the draw”, meaning the entrants  pulled are the winners. No preferential  treatment  will  be given   to  any  entrant.  All applicants  will be  assigned  a  random number  for drawing.  The winners  will  be  drawn from  amongst  all  applicants  and  notified by certified mail.

5). Scholarships  will  be   paid  directly  to  the  school  that  has been  designated on each  winners application.  Each  winner  will also  be  required to  submit  an  acceptance letter  and  photograph accompanied by a biography which will appear in an issue of the ABA Quarterly News Digest.

6). The National  Director will  coordinate the scholarship program with the authority  to settle any  or  all  eligibility  requirements or  disputes  that  may arise.

This years deadline to submit is May 15, 2018!!!


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Grand Junction Clerk Craft Notice


There will be no posting this round.

Jobs will show up on ejob bidding, but management is cancelling the posting because it is all messed up.  None of the jobs will be awarded.  If anyone does bid a job, they aren’t going to get it awarded.

People should not pay attention to anything the online job slot information says because it isn’t right. 

This message was sent by Lynn Morgan who is working with Denver to get the jobs aligned correctly. 

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APWU e-Team

In the current political climate, our politicians are constantly trying to cut the rights of Postal and other Federal workers.  From attempting to cut Saturday delivery to passing budgets that cut benefits to Postal workers, without our collective voices being heard we will not be able to resist these cuts.

For these reasons, I recommend that all employees, friends and family members join the APWU e-Team.  By signing up for the e-Team, you will get notices by e-mail whenever action is needed to support or reject a bill.  If we all stand together, we can make a difference and continue to earn the living wages we all deserve.

Please go to the APWU e-Team site and sign up now.

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Attention All APWU Members in Grand Junction

Any APWU Members that have an interest in a custodial position in the Maintenance Craft, please let the Maintenance Management know ASAP!!!!

Please write a note stating that you are interested in the position, or click on HERE

Turn in your intent letter to your supervisor immediately for current vacancies.


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Open Season for FEHB Enrollment

This year’s Open Season dates are:

Opens Monday, November 13. 2017

Ends Monday, December 11, 2017

After Open Season closes

You may be eligible to enroll in an APWU Health Plan outside of Open Season if you have a qualifying life event, such as a marriage, divorce, or other circumstance.

New employees have 60 days to select a health plan.

For more information go here.

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2017 Penalty OT Exclusion

Reminder, in accordance with Article 8, sections 4 and 5, of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, penalty overtime rules are not applicable for a consecutive four-week period each year during December.

This year, the December period begins December 2, 2017 (Pay Period 25-17- Week 2) and ends December 29, 2017 (Pay Period 01-18 – Week 1).

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Maintenance Craft Subcontracting Grienvance

APWU Wins $8.64 Million Dollar Remedy for Improper Subcontracting…

This settlement comes from way back in 1996, when management decided to unilaterally subcontract Maintenance Craft work when wiring small offices throughout the US.  After a number of years and 4 rounds of Arbitration Hearings, the APWU was successful in the case.


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New Updates

After a long period of delay, the Local Website has been updated.  More changes to come in the near future…


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Penalty Overtime Exception

In accordance with Article 8 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, penalty overtime regulations are not applicable for a four-week period each year during December.

This year, the period begins with Pay Period 26-12 (Dec. 1, 2012), and ends at the conclusion of Pay Period 01-13 (Dec. 28, 2012).

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